Roads are of utmost importance in the economic development of a country and bridges as connectives of these lifelines should be given the highest priority.
Around three decades ago MACHINE SAZI ARAK, aware of this reality started design, fabrication and erection of different bridges used in railroad transportation, difficult roads to pass and wide rivers. Today, enjoying young skilled manpower, veteran experts and engineers, experienced engineering teams and state -of -the-art softwares have made MSA proficient in the design, manufacture and erection of various steel structures such as bridges with very wide spans.

Various bridges fabricated in M.S.A

1- M.S.A type bridges

1-1) Composite plate girder bridges

1-2) Emergency truss bridges

2)Special projects

2-1) Arch bridges

2-2) Continuous composite plate girder bridges

2-3) Composite box girder bridges

2-4) Special truss bridges

2-5) Railway bridges

2-6) Cable Stayed bridges

2-7) Steel Structures

2-8) Power plant equipment

composite girder bridges (M.S.A type)

General specifications :

Span : 15 to 60m with 5m increments

Width : 5m with 2.5m increments+21.5m

sidewalks in each side

Loading : According to No. 139 publication of the

technical affairs and standard preparation office

(management and planning organization of Iran)

Material : ST37-2 for 15 to 25m spans and ST52-3

& ST37-2 for 30 to 60m spans according to

DIN 17100

Fittings : Main fittings from high strength hexagon head bolts according to DIN 6914 with nuts Acc. to DIN 6915 and washers Acc. to DIN 6916

Design standard : AASHTO

Truss bridges(M.S.A type)

General specifications:

Type one :

Span :12m up to 45m with 3m increments

Height : 3.3m

Type two :

Span : 48m up to 60m with 3m increments

Height : 6.6m

Type Three :

Span : 75m and 81m

Height : 8m

Truss bridges carriageway width are 5m, and

type two and three truss bridges are roofed.

Loading : According to No.139 publication of the technical affairs and standard preparation

office (management and planning organization of Iran)

Material : High strength weathering steel EN10025-5 (S355J2W+N)

Fitting : Bolts Acc. to DIN 7999 with nuts Acc. to DIN 6915 & washers Acc. to DIN 6916

Bridge deck : Pre fabricated steel

Design standard : AASHTO

Special feature : Easy and fast erection by launching device, without cranes or welding operations in site, makes it specially suitable and effective for emergencies.

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